Demand for the BRAND... Why the Economy Doesn't Matter When Your Customers Do!

  • Harley-Davidson, Other American Legends, and How Your Business Can Create Fans
  • Leading with a Smile Without Getting Bugs in Your Teeth
  • Be Different... In a Good Way!
  • Connecting Is Key... Creating a Brand Culture
  • Becoming a Legend (Not Just in Your Own Mind)

Crashing Sucks! Maintain Focus, Reduce Stress, and Avoid Getting Run Over!

  • Removing Barriers and Improving Performance With Your Team
  • Maximizing Your Time
  • Doing More With Less and Avoiding Burnout
  • Communicate or Die

Happiness is Self-Serve... Put the GAS in YOUR Own Tank!

  • What Employee Engagement Really is and How They Must Own It
  • You Can't Run on The Cheap Stuff
  • FEAR = The Real F-Bomb and How to Control It!
  • Winning Requires Presence

Dear Meeting Planner

Success is not guaranteed for anyone. It is something that we all strive for and can achieve with intention if we know how to go about it.

I am committed to helping you present a dynamic program for your organization. My mission is to provide them with key principles and a new way of thinking that will enable them to be more successful both personally and professionally. I want them to realize that performing better and achieving more does not necessarily mean working harder.

My goal is to help you provide the members of your organization with the BEST program ever. Please call me or fill out the Contact Bryant form to discuss scheduling me for your event. I really look forward to working with you. TOGETHER, WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!


Bryant Halstead


My Boss Sucks  A Story Book and Survival Guide
Email Bryant
if you would like to purchase this book. S.W.A.T Tactics for Leading and Succeeding in Business
Email Bryant
if you would like to purchase this book.